Toowoomba Flash Flooding (“Instant Tsunami”)

When nature is pissed, no one can stop it. Northeast Australian city Toowoomba residents are still in a shock, after a sudden gush of flood roared through the streets; causing windows explode, cars careen into trees and bob in the dirty brown water like corks. The flood washed away bridges and sidewalks; people desperately clung to power poles to survive. Before it was over, the flash flood left at least 10 dead and 78 missing. Here is a footage of the horror caused by nature:

Every Guy Needs This - The Woman Language Translator [Video]

Whenever this product is being released for real, I would pay any cost to be the first person to get it. Yes, makes life so easy! The Manslator can be the answer to all problems men face.

Using ONLY Beer Bottles - Angels We Have Heard on High

Bowen Beer Bottle Band - A band which uses only beer bottles to perform, just released a new music video for the carol - “Angels we have heard on high”. To learn more about how they make it all possible, visit: